A Journey of Flavor and Family

Philly Dat Up is a story of two brothers, John and Mike, and their parent’s testament of determination, hard work, and the love of great food. As a family of immigrants seeking opportunity, we embarked on a remarkable journey that led us to become a cherished part of the culinary landscape that started in Salt Lake City, Utah and now continues throughout Louisiana and into Texas.

Our Humble Beginnings

In 1997, our family set foot in America with dreams in our hearts and determination in our souls. Salt Lake City became our new home, offering opportunities and challenges that would shape our path. After experimenting with a Korean restaurant, we decided to embrace a fresh start in 2001 by moving to the vibrant city of New Orleans, LA. Little did we know that this move would ignite the spark for a culinary adventure that would transcend generations.

From Janitors to Entrepreneurs

Our journey took an unexpected turn when our parents began working as maintenance staff at the Pan American building in downtown New Orleans. However, it was during this time that fate smiled upon us as they discovered an opportunity at a Philly cheesesteak shop inside Lake Forest Plaza mall. While working there, our parents tapped into their culinary talents and soon developed our family’s own special seasoning blend. The results were astounding – revenue soared by 200-250% and this success inspired us to open new doors.

Philly Grill in Cortana Mall of Baton Rouge

Philly Grill in Cortana Mall of Baton Rouge

Family, Flavor, and Expansion

In 2004, we breathed new life into a dying shop Cortana Mall of Baton Rouge, LA called Philly Grill – the beginning of our cheesteak franchise. Between 2015 and 2018, we grew up and began taking leadership and visionary roles in our family’s business. In 2015, we proudly opened our doors at Esplanade Mall in Kenner, LA. In 2018, we embarked on a collaborative partnership with a friend, drawing ourselves nearer to the University of New Orleans, and establishing a local hotspot beloved by the locals. Although we have since parted ways from that joint venture, that same year signified the beginning of a new phase, marked by the inauguration of our initial establishment within the Baton Rouge Cortana Walmart. This venture served as the launch point for remarkable growth and expansion.

A Legacy of Flavor Spreading Far and Wide

The momentum didn’t stop there. In 2021, we extended our reach to the Kenner Walmart, bringing the taste of our family’s recipes to more eager palates. 2022 saw the opening of our third Walmart location inside the Tchoupitoulas Walmart in the heart of New Orleans. And then, the horizon expanded. In 2023, we proudly partnered with a group in Texas to unveil our fourth Walmart location in Humble, Texas. Our journey continues, driven by the passion for flavor, family values, and a commitment to serving great communities far and wide.

Baton Rouge

Philly Dat Up, Baton Rouge

New Orleans

Philly Dat Up, New Orleans


Philly Dat Up Kenner
Philly Dat Up

Join Us on This Flavorful Odyssey

At Philly Dat Up, every bite tells a story – a story of resilience, growth, and the pursuit of excellence. Join us as we continue to craft culinary experiences that celebrate our roots, our family, and the taste that has captured the hearts of many. From our humble beginnings to our wide-reaching presence, we invite you to savor the flavors of our journey with us.

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